The motivation for this app comes from social distancing violations at wine shops all across India. Several people gathered at shops in long queues. Thus posing a health alert for COVID-19 local transmission.

People arrived in large numbers at wine shops. In the lockdown shops were allowed to operate only from 9am to 12pm daily in India. Thus people crowded shops for essential items violating social distancing. Shopkeepers risked their lives for fulfilling demand of so many people without proper management.

If there was a way people can wait in queues from their home itself, it would get lot more easier to come at the shop and purchase their items directly. No waiting at the shop. Thus no contact with strangers. No contact implies no local transmission of the virus.

Here are some articles of social distancing violations all across India :

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What it does

The app is called QueT. It is a online token based solution for handling long waiting queues at shops. Recently there were many violations in social distancing of people standing in queue when wine shops were allowed to operate.

We take the complete queue online on our app. So people can join the queue from their home and arrive at the shop only once their token is about to arrive. They can even wait near the shop away from other people. But not in a queue.

With minimum contact with strangers you can visit a shop which for example has 100 people in the queue. Thus it is possible to follow social distancing even in such a long queue because you arrive at the shop only when it's your turn shortly.

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