Questionmine offers 3 products that fully integrate with Infusionsoft.

  1. Interactive Video Survey
  2. Survey / Quiz / Certification (without video)
  3. Automated Webinar

  4. Interactive Video Survey (Watch the 2 minute video on the homepage of for an example of a Questionmine Interactive Video Survey)

Questionmine was built as the first and best integration of video with Infusionsoft, further empowering Infusionsoft to empower the small business owner.

Questionmine empowers Infusionsoft users to interact with customers instantly through video, collect valuable information about these customers, and then use this data to segment and send the right thing to the right person at the right time.

Questionmine has been used by Infusionsoft customers for training videos, marketing videos, certification courses, customer service videos, etc.

Questionmine allows Infusionsoft users to do the following using interactive video surveys:

-Track video engagement - Track daily views, monthly views, percentage of video viewed, as well as time of video viewed to the exact second.

-Trigger unique Infusionsoft campaigns based on how viewers interact with videos. For example, one campaign can be set up to follow up with people that watch less than 25% of a video, another campaign can be set up to follow up with people that answer questions a specific way, another campaign can be set up to follow up with people that click on the add to cart button but do not purchase, etc.

-Capture leads using lead capture forms that appear in the video.

-Include any call-to-action button in videos (add to cart, buy now, etc.)

-Select from 3 video hosting options - Link to Amazon S3, use a YouTube video, or upload directly to Questionmine.

-Create questions and select a time on the video timeline where these questions appear. (i.e. set a question to appear at 30 seconds and remain in the video until 35 seconds and then pause to wait for viewers to answer if they have not already answered).

-Choose where these questions appear - overlaid on top of the video, below the video, right or left of the video

-Send answers to questions into Infusionsoft using tags, custom fields, and notes.

-Embed videos in websites, membership sites such as customerhub, blogs, facebook, or use a Questionmine hosted microsite

Customize video settings such as the following: -allow viewers to see the progress bar or not -allow viewers to pause video or don’t allow them to pause -select to begin playing video automatically when a webpage opens or require viewers to click play -require viewers to answer questions and pause the video until questions are answered etc.

-Create a custom Thank You Page or redirect viewers to a different page after the video survey And much, much more.

  1. Survey / Quiz / Certification (without video)

Questionmine offers the most advanced survey / quiz / certification tool that exists in the Infusionsoft Market. Surveys can be created using video as described above or without video.

Think of it like SurveyMonkey with a full integration with Infusionsoft.

I hesitate to even call it a survey tool though because it is so much more than just a survey. Several Infusionsoft users have built certification programs by combining Questionmine with membership sites such as CustomerHub or iMember360.

By combining the power of Questionmine with the backend tagging and automation of Infusionsoft and the website customization capabilities of membership sites, certification courses can be built that allow users to go on to the next part of their certification / training only when they answer questions correctly and complete one step of the certification.

Questionmine allows Infusionsoft users to do the following using surveys:

-Capture leads using lead capture forms that appear as part of the survey.

-Hide these lead capture forms when sending surveys to existing contacts or embedding surveys in membership sites so that data can be captured and tied to contacts without them being required to opt in again (this also applies to video)

-Collect data using multiple question types such as multiple choice - select one, multiple choice - select all that apply, free response (short answer), free response (long answer), etc.

-Send answers to questions into Infusionsoft using tags, custom fields, and notes.

-Trigger Campaigns based on how people answer questions.

-Customize the design of surveys using a simple editor or using custom CSS.

-Provide Individualized recommendations and/or feedback on the Thank You Page based on how people answer questions

-And much, much more.

  1. Automated Webinar

Questionmine Automated webinars allow Infusionsoft users to create pre-recorded webinars and set them to a schedule so that they can run 24/7/365.

These webinars have all of the functionality of the Interactive Video Surveys described above.

In additional to all of the functionality of the interactive video surveys, Questionmine allows Infusionsoft users to do the following using automated webinars:

-Schedule Webinars to run daily, selected weekdays, specific dates, etc.

-Embed Webinar Registration forms on any landing page

-Send out webinar reminder emails using Infusionsoft Email Templates

-Run Campaigns based on webinar specific triggers (i.e. registered for webinar, did not attend, left the webinar before the offer, saw the offer but did not buy, etc.)

-Customize the Design of the Webinar player page

Each of these 3 products combine to make Questionmine the most powerful video and customer engagement application that integrates with Infusionsoft.

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