I wanted to make a lens which had the power to create a trend. That's what got me thinking about some sort of quiz. From there I then decided using Voice ML would make the lens more interesting and easier to use. This was the basis of "Question Countdown".

What it does

Question Countdown is a lens in which the user uses their voice to answer general knowledge questions. They can then share their attempt with their score to spotlight to challenge their friends to see who can get the highest score.

How I built it

I used Lens Studio to build this lens. I mostly used voice ML as this was crucial for turning the user's spoken words into text which I could then use in my lens.

Challenges I ran into

Deciding the timeframe which the user should have to answer the questions was a challenge. I had tried many different times and 15 seconds seemed to be the perfect amount. Too short and the users wouldn't get to answer many questions, too much time and the user would lose out on the pressure of the time.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I am proud of making a lens which is easy to pick up and also encourages competition. I am most proud of the question-answering system that I created which uses voice ML and allows the user to have an easier experience than pressing buttons.

What I learned

I learnt a lot about user interfaces as I wanted to make sure that the lens was as easy to use as possible. That is why the lens has a very clean interface with little to no distractions to allow the user to concentrate on the question.

What's next for Question Countdown

As mentioned in the pitch video one aspect of this lens which I made sure to include was making it easy to update the questions. The questions are stored in plain text arrays and can therefore be quickly updated and changed. This will allow me to update and add more questions if needs be in the future. I would also like to add multiple modes, for example one mode could have questions about countries and the other questions about food.

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