The wonder of asymmetric gameplay

What it does

One person plays as a professional rock climber. They're on a quest to find a sword in a stone and vanquish an army of uncertain evil quelling at the top of a mountain. The climber must dyno their way to the top as 4 other players, each playing a fairy, try to kick and magic wand the climber off the wall. The climbers fingers go limp as the fairies do too much damage.

Video collection:

How we built it

With Unity3D and C#

Challenges I ran into

Getting it done fast enough

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have something playable

What I learned

FMOD can be used to get the Oculus audio SDK to work with the Vive hardware.

What's next for Quester

Massively based multiplayer, with voice over IP, designed to provide the ultimate fairy destruction experience. Or just UNET (got it working) to get the slit screen onto the single screen of multiple devices.

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