As we've all been experiencing lately, finding motivation and community in a pandemic, when many of our lives have moved online, can be difficult. We wanted to create a place for users working towards a common goal to encourage each other and share their progress. For example, users who want to:

  • eat healthy for one month
  • workout 3 times every week
  • learn a new language
  • sleep early

can join a quest, similar to joining a party in a video game, and be challenged to make it through the adventure.

What it does

QuestCompanion bot manages creating challenges text-channels and users can navigate through the list and choose which challenge they want to join. Each challenge is created to encourage users to improve their life in a specific area in a safe virtual community for a period of time. In each challenge the bot will send an inspirational quote everyday.

QuestCompanion has many functionalities/commands :

  • !create [quest name] available in the create-quests channel, it allows anyone to create an active quest channel

  • !delete quest channel accessible for the creator of the quest and admins

  • Set a reminder !remindat [YYYY-MM-DD, HH:MM the task] Example: !remindat 2021-02-21,14:34 make awesome discord bot

  • Reacting with a thumbs up will create a welcome message in the Quest you chose to join

  • !image post a random image (limited for now)

  • !inspire me post a random inspirational quote with a random color line

  • !archive quest and !unarchive quest accessible for the creator of the quest and admins

  • !who to receive a list of people who have joined a quest

  • !help post a help message with the list of commands

How we built it

With love and Python! We used the API to program the bot and also we used web scraping to source inspirational quotes.

Challenges we ran into

It was hard to coordinate who was working on which part of the code. Additionally, because we were in different time-zones we had different moments where we were inactive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The look of the bot with the embedded messages throughout creates a coherent feeling.

What we learned

We have learned how to use the API and use sqlite3 to manage a database that connects to the Discord bot.

What's next for QuestCompanion

We are planning to build it as a mobile-app with more features like:

  • creating user profile
  • tracking the user progress for every challenge
  • collecting points

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