Quest of Elements

Embark on your very own adventure to solve the mysteries around you and find treasures across the land. Traverse caves and sandy beaches while casting spells and learning about the traveler who came before you.

Choose from 3 elements: fire, earth and water. Each element will let you play through an independent story line - or if you are really looking for a challenge, see if you can piece together the clues to solve the final challenge!

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This game draws inspiration from classic choose-your-own-adventure style games - but with an interactive puzzle twist to more effectively include players in the story experience. Rather than outline all possible options with direct scene-to-scene progression, I wanted to take advantage of the open input style made possible by voice user input - so players are taught "spells" and encouraged to use them at points in the game.

What it does

This quest allows players to choose their own story adventure - whether they choose the element of fire, earth, or water, a different journey awaits the players.

For younger children or those just looking for a nice story, each choice has a straightforward narrative that trains players with "spell" commands to progress through a simple adventure.

For more more advanced players, there are alternative pathways and endings that can be explored by drawing on "spells" from multiple adventures - for example, a spell you learn from one story can be used in another story to unlock the path into hidden waterfall - thus encouraging repeat plays and making the game well suited to varied ability levels and interests.

How I built it & Challenges

Using the Interactive Adventure Game Tool for Alexa, I was able to transform the narrative outlined in a regular text editor into a multi-path alexa story.

There were definitely challenges using the game tool github project - particularly in setting up the project from the source code download, it took some investigating other git user comments and suggestions to set up the dev environment. From there, I encountered challenges with ensuring lowercase utterances, no repeated utterances along separate paths, and more that required reading up on general alexa development conventions and techniques to catch and fix issues not accounted for by the current user gui of the tool.

What I learned

I learned a lot about how to debug things - testing different options out, researching answers to similar concepts or problems to find potential ideas, and tweaking the code behind the tool itself to see if I could achieve the fixes and options I wanted to see in my game beyond what the github source code currently allow for.

What's next for Quest of Elements

More stories! So far the included 3 short stories are designed in a way to teach players what to say and how to progress, since it is a somewhat new style of game. However, I would love to add longer, more challenging, and more interconnected and open-ended hidden options to allow interested players to explore more and exciting adventures!

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