When I was a kid, I was inspired by AIs in American movies. However, I am strongly believing in the unique ability of human being. I believe the machine is helping human to make a better decision, but does not completely replace human intellgience. On the other hand, the growing huge amount of data makes it more difficult for human to inteprete information and make informed decision. That is where we started our augmented intelligence system, the best combination of AIs and human intelligence.

For Venture Capital Partners, Business Consultants, Research Firms, who need and want to save time on primary research and see big picture to make informed decisions, Quest - Next Generation Search Engine is a smart Search Engine that helps users quickly to understand the nature of a problem and get insights of a topics by utilizing all data from world wide web as well as premium data from providers (BloomBerg, Mircrosoft...). Unlike Google, which searches for known answers, Our product searches for unknown answers or searches for insight from unstructured data. We help businesses to answer the questions before they realize the problems.

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