Queso is a learning management system for educators who want to implement a gameful classroom. Gameful classrooms draw inspiration from game design to create an environment that increases engagement and motivation.

By striving to keep as much communication in digital form as possible, Queso provides constant, transparent feedback to students and instructors. Students know their standing in the class at all times, and grading student work is quick and simple for instructors.

Queso also lives by the philosophy that failure isn't permanent. Submissions can be revised and regraded as often as a student wishes, which motivates students to continue striving to improve their work for a better score.

Queso also allows instructors to create an abundance of assignments so that students can choose their own path to mastering the material. Even better, instructors can establish skill thresholds so that students will not see specific assignments until they've gained an appropriate level of knowledge.

Queso has been piloted in college and K-12 classes to teach math, programming, and design.

Queso is free and open source. If you're a tech wizard and you want to set it up on your own server, the source code is available at https://github.com/claytical/Queso-Multisite

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