We're inspired by our desire to try something new, and SUCCEED at it.

Each of us had a bit of experience in one aspect of the process of building a website, a little php here, a little html there, but none of us had any idea how to put it together and create it from the ground up before we came to #TheHackGT.

Our target users are those with a sense of humor and an open mind. Those who want to explore the internet to find interesting intellectual stimuli. We hope that our site can bring people together for the purpose of discovery, because we believe that the way to get answers is to ask the right questions. Quesi-ton is the perfect moderated forum for that.

Key Features : (that we're super proud of because we literally just learned how to do them yesterday) Geolocation capabilities Secure logins Session handling Creation of Unique and Secure access ID's CREATING A SITE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM WOOOO!

Hope you enjoy it! We had a blast making it.


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