When we started hacking an year back, we were very shy. This meant when we hit a roadblock, we would rather spend hours after hours trying to find the solution by ourselves instead of asking someone for guidance. We felt our questions would be too naïve and we would be laughed at for asking them. It is now that we realize that many other people were facing the same problems but they were too scared to ask too.

So for this hackathon we created a Discord bot that let's you ask for help anonymously.

It also has a 'thank' command to thank someone (anonymously) for helping you.

What it does

You can use the $ask command to ask questions and queries anonymously. If you think someone's answer helped you, you can thank them using the $thank command. This encourages more people to ask for help when they are shy.

How we built it

The bot was made using Python and Discord API

Challenges we ran into

Async functions created some issues with Sypder IDE and Jupyter Notebooks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a complete bot that is so useful for new hackers feels awesome.

What we learned

Making bots for Discord

Built With

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