This version is oriented around Bryan's experience. I'm a Biochem Major. My original team never made it to HackerEDU - but I met two Canadian students at this event and came up with a strong, student reviewed idea that enhances learning in the classroom. They are software engineers currently working on the backend.

Put simply, Query allows students to post questions or comments incited from lecture to a web app through a simple text message. Students and individuals who have fears of asking "stupid questions," language issues, or simple lack of time to contribute to the learning environment have the opportunity to store these questions for the professor/lecturer to cover during a different part of class or office hours. While this gets students more involved in large classrooms and lecture halls, we believe that this web app is a useful feedback tool with expandable features. Data collected from students and individuals can assist lecturers gauge the sentiment in the classroom as well as how well material was retained. It can be used to improve future lectures and styles of teaching. This integration of student knowledge with digital tech enables students to interact more with peers and professors while getting the most out of their classroom education.

Learning has always been inspired by the active participation of all individuals. Inputs made to Query are voted on: The questions that accumulate in our app can be voted on for significance and importance to learning. Whether the raised comment or concern is something the lecturer should clarify, re-iterate, or remember for a following lecturer, participants can get a sense of what questions are being asked by peers and colleagues. Our app is dynamic and has the potential to be applied in large academic, professional, and political venues.

Me: As a new "coder" at my first hackathon, I've worked on the landing page, pitch, and the written portions of the project. My teammates worked hard on the backend and UI to make this project work, using Pebble, Clusterpoint, and namecheap APIs and applications.

Challenges: Fixed a lot of bugs with Clusterpoint API.

Learned a lot over 36 hours of little sleep.

It was great.

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