Our idea when writing queri.me was to make an extensible remote control system that is easily accessible via any phone. We are trying not only to target sysadmins, but also the average user. We wanted to build something which we would find useful in our day-to-day lives. The agent, which the queri.me server queries, is written in Python and is thus cross-platform. All a user has to do is run the agent on a machine they want to monitor, and they can get statistics and certain files they allow remotely. The agent is available here..

Users can interface with queri.me via either SMS or phone. We use the twilio API for both, and process the SMS/voice with Wit.AI. We currently have three operations: statistics, reminders, and files.

Making Requests

Making a request is very simple. First, follow the instructions to register and confirm a phone with queri.me. Then, either send a text message to, or call, (517)-219-4225, with your query. More information on queries is below.


Because queri.me can only query valid IPs or domain names, we created aliases. Aliases allow for the substitution of common words in place of IPs or domain names when users make requests for information. For example, if my server is metrictwist.firebase.io, I can alias twist to metrictwist.firebase.io then make requests about twist.


Users can query: processes, user count, load average, temperature, memory usage, and bits of entropy available. They can also request an overview, which will return all of this at once.


Note: Because queri.me uses natural language, most requests which include the statistic to request and the server/alias to request it for will work. Below are some examples.

*Hey, what's the temperature on laptop?

*what is the load average on swift

*How many users on server?

*Overview of server, please.

*Give me an overview for laptop

*what is the average on web

*overview web

*memory used web


Users can set SMS reminders in intervals of 10 minutes for any task.


*Set a reminder for me in 10 minutes to reboot my server

*Remind me tomorrow to upgrade sshd

*Can you remind me in 30 minutes to download the new library?

Find Files

Users can find files in certain directories that they have defined before. For example, they could define a "shared" directory that is accessible through queri.me. They can then use queri.me to search for keywords, and read the file remotely.


*Find my english essay on laptop

*Where is my biology paper on laptop?

Easter Eggs

Zero and the Konami code.

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