Upload photograph, videos and content are often the most painfull issue when you have a website or ecommerce because in many cases is necessary stay in from in your PC or download the ecommerce App an learn how to use it.

This is extremely traumatic thing if you don't have de best mobile phone or "you are not good with tech thing".

The objetive is get your own website just chating with a Facebook Messenger to get your first webpage product gallery, not in days or hours, just in minutes.

What it does

Create a website with your artworks, post, product or whatever you want just chatting with a chatbot assitant. To simplify "items" of Gallery Page. A super easy way to artist or anyone get a website to present their works.

How I built it

The gallery, place where content is present to the world, is a React App that extract content from Database. The users use Facebook Chatbot Queonda.Art to upload their Gallery's profile and content info to a database and assets to S3 Bucket.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge that take me more time was React App. I need it more practice since the last time I use it. The main challenge in this case was design a convesation flow to be simple for users who are not used to working with their cell phone.

The idea es create a simple chat conversation to get a sensational user experience!!!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everyone that use it can achieve his artwork in less than 5 minutes.

Since point of User Experience view build a Journey in chat conversation that was simple for everyone was a really challenge, but It was the most fun.

What I learned

Create a proper user conversation flow is very important. Make it easy and short! Most data can get from Facebook or it could be asked later.

What's next for Gallery

The most important objetives:

  • Ecommerce functionality is the next natural step.
  • Sync all product with Facebook Catalog will make a super easy way to get all productos prepare for Facebook and Instagram Shops and retageting ads.
  • Tracking functionality.

The next features:

  • Edit items
  • Edit Profile
  • Pagination
  • ... usability features in chatbot.

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