Chronic Pain is a growing global health crisis with few good solutions

1.5 B people suffer from chronic pain worldwide and the cost in the US alone is over $600M annually. Despite massive spending, and over prescribing of opiates, over half of sufferers feel that they have little or no control of their pain.

Quell is an IoT device using neurostimulation to block pain signals in the body without the use of drugs and tracks relevant metrics for chronic pain sufferers.

Therapy is personalized through the iOS or Android app, where the user can also gain insight and coaching based on tracking. Quell tracks compliance, dosage, sleep, activity and gait using the accelerometer in the device.

How we built it

The Quell device is a class-2 medical device that was made to be comfortable enough to wear every day. It was designed to look like something a runner would wear to eliminate potential stigma of wearing a medical device. The device is high powered and fully automated, and available without a prescription.

The Quell App was developed with extensive user research to make the user experience intuitive, and provide valuable insight into their condition. The app captures usage, sleep, activity and gait data through a Bluetooth LE connection to the device.

The Quell Healthcloud was developed to work seamlessly with the app and device. Data is captured from the device and synced with the app and cloud database. The Quell Healthcloud has over 2.5 million hours of usage, sleep and activity data, and over 13,000 registered users.

Challenges we ran into

Convincing consumers and healthcare professionals that a wearable device and app are a viable alternative to Rx pain medications.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Over 60,000 devices shipped
  • With over 2.5 million hours of therapy and sleep data collected, we have created the worlds largest longitudinal pain database
  • Winner of SXSW Innovation Award for best Wearable Technology
  • Clinical research showing reduction in pain in 81% of participants
  • Raised over $400,000 on Indiegogo campaign, exceeding goal in 1.5 days

What we learned

People are desperate for better solutions to manage chronic pain

What's next for Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology

Future enhancements will include predictive analytics using data from the Quell device and external sources to help enhance outcomes.

Video Demo

The video demo contains an user story that shows how Quell is used, followed by a demo of the key screens in the Quell App.

  • Calibration - App is used to calculate optimal dosage for each indivdual user
  • Dashboard - Provides therapy countdown timer and ability to finetune therapy
  • Usage Tracking - measures compliance
  • Sleep Tracking - accelerometer in Quell device measures 8 dimensions of sleep including position changes and periodic leg movements
  • Activity and Gait - accelerator measures stride and stride variability, which are associated with pain and predictive of falls
  • Pain Levels - captured on the app using validated clinical tools, showing trends and providing insight into effectiveness of therapy
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