There is a Tinder for online dating, a Facebook for getting to know people, and many more platforms that are all generalized for the larger population. So where will people who belong to the LGBT community get together and know each other? This question led us to create a web application, which helps the LGBT members discover each other across the world.

What it does

The website helps the LGBT community as a whole. Any person interested in the community can register in the website with their name, the university at which they study, email id, etc. This way, other people can browse through the specific university LGBT communities, know the events and activities taking place there, and also get to know the people in that university. The website also allows users to post on other's page through the feature called 'scrap book', thus describing their experience with that person.

How I built it

We have created a few APIs for registering and searching users, searching users, and register and find the universities part of this website through Node.JS with MongoDB as the data storage. We have hosted the node server on AWS EC2 instance and then created web pages in React. The front-end part is done using HTML and CSS and has a home page, a page where users are able to search for other members belonging to the community.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge we ran into was the collection of data, for which we din't have much time. So we just entered data to workout a prototype.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to learn about React and NodeJS in a short span of time and that makes us proud of ourselves.

What I learned

Since 3 members out of 4 group members where beginners and first time attendees of hackathon, we were able to learn about React and NodeJS, along with some knowledge about AWS EC2 instance.

What's next for QueerBook

Since we had limited data, the QueerBook can be extended to a more larger dataset. Also, many other new features such as a chat feature, ability to schedule a collaborative event and many more.

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