We all love playing video games so we wanted to find an efficient way to improve our abilities in-game.

What it does

Whenever you hover your mouse on the constantly changing circles that appear on screen, your score increases. As the game progresses, the circles change positions more frequently and the game gets progressively harder.

How we built it

We built it using python and pygame.

Challenges we ran into

Not everyone in our group was familiar with python so dividing the workload between group members was difficult. We also had varying schedules so finding a time where everyone was available was challenging. During the programming phase of the project, we tried adding a clicking feature to the game but unfortunately we couldn't get it to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually found it very entertaining and competitive. We were also proud of being able to increase the speed of the moving targets.

What we learned

We came across many problems throughout the development of the project so we learned a lot about problem solving skills to get over hurdles. Team work and the input of everyone was necessary for the success of the project so we all learned about the importance of collaboration and doing our part.

What's next for Aim Accuracy Game

The next step for the Aim Accuracy Game is to add new and better features. We would like to add a clicking feature because it's something that is prevalent in many modern games that require accuracy. We would also like to add different difficulties so players of varying skill levels can have fun.

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