We were inspired by the lives of ordinary ants, who every day fight for their survival right in our backyards. Every ant has a special purpose in the colony, yet none stand out quite like the Ant Queen, who must make the ultimate decisions for the colony. When is it wise to grow a colony, and when to run?

What it does

Queen Colony is a 2D top-down strategic survival game. The only goal is to survive. While you control the lone Ant Queen, she quickly begins to grow her colony to fend against the impending horde.

How we built it

We are using Unity as our game engine of choice, with help of it's free asset store, we are able to piece together a game in rapid time.

Github keeps us synchronized and up to date as we tackle various features of the game.

Challenges we ran into

Managing our expectations for the limited time we have, feature creep was challenging to keep back. Version control has proven to be quite difficult, our submitted product was not quite as well put-together as we would have hoped.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Piecing together a unique looking game with an unconventional play style. Not quite strategy, nor tower defense, or pure survival. The flocking algorithm used to handle the AI of the soldiers and enemies was also deceptively difficult to implement.

What we learned

How to quickly build a game in Unity, and what assets to prepare for a rapid and lean deployment. For all of it's benefits, the engine itself can be quite clunky, and time consuming to rebuild often. Also, prior preparation prevents piss-poor performance. Painful.

What's next for Queen Colony

To conquer the world! One centimeter at a time.

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