The Story

We saw that prior forums do not help with actually getting intelligent questions the recognition they deserve by giving money to them.

Thus, we created QUEcoin, a token built on Ethereum blockchain, which allows for equal distribution based on your contributions towards a certain, community recommended problem.

For example, you can put in 10 QUE (which is dependent on the market), in order to post a question, and then 5 QUE to answer a question.

Ultimately, the prize pool increases due to the amount of answers as well as upvotes and downvotes, which serve as almost a bounty system. Thus, the questioner ultimately gets a % of the entire prize pool whereas the chosen answer also gets a % cut of the prize pool. This is quite different and far more special from other forums, as they do not ever, actively promote intelligent questions through a decentralized system like this.

Furthermore, unlike these forums, the questions are uncensorable and immutable, thus allowing for a variety of ideas to flourish, unless, the community deems a question as inappropriate and stakes incentives to report it.

Thus, it's a community operated, system that could evolve into something greater due to the completely communal based system and scalability.

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