Music is a shared human experience that everybody can enjoy. However, getting good at it takes tons of time and many people are simply to busy to master an instrument. What if you could compose the perfect soundtrack for your life with just your hands?

What it does

Employing two myo wristbands we recognize gestures of both hands and link them to music samples. You can compose your own tunes step-by-step by selecting the samples that you feel belong there. In order to make things even more interesting, you can also dynamically control the volume and the speed of your creation by simply moving your arm up and down. But I am with friends?! Even better, friends that jam together stay together. Just give one of the controllers to your friend and you're all set for a unique collaborative experience. You are always in control of what's going on: It's all just one glance onto the dashboard away.

How we built it

All the low-level stuff with gestures and processing tracking data etc. is done in C++. This interacts with the Cocoa app via an Objective-C wrapper.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the audio output to work

Turns out it is not as easy to mix Objective-C and C++ as Objective C++ input file suggests - (ever heard of PIMPL?)

MacOS sandboxing only applies to GUI applications and not to console ones

A quaternion ain't your usual (X,Y,Z) coordiantes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our intuitive user experience

How well our samples go with each other making it easy to get an amazing tune

What we learned

We figured out how to built our first MacOS X app ever

Objective-C sure loves brackets :]

Your neighbors don't appreciate you debugging an application that makes sounds all the time that much

What's next for Quaternion

We'd love to let even more people be part of your experience. All we need are more controllers (How about a hundred?).

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