Being lazy doesn't quite means we cannot buy NFTs. Even NFTs are now lazily mintable. Web3 storage facility provided by IPFS changes how we store our data. With every other protocol emerging in web3, we still lag a massive user adoption and frictionless services embedded within our everyday engagements on the internet. People tend to practice their usual choices over picking new, advanced, decentralized web3 services. Another gap quite buzzing around in the web3 space is community lack a developer behavior alongside an entrepreneurial spirit, which stops them from letting the world watch their artwork live over virtual galleries and auctions. Community, if provided with embedded solutions within our reach can potentially emerge as a game-changer to attract mass user adoption to these technologies. This project can potentially be a game-changer with cross-chain support including Chia

What it does

"Hmm...I wonder if you are a new artist and recently opened a new account on Twitter, followers being limited to just your friends and families, looking for the options to get your work to wider audience overtime, provide your customers a payment solution to buy NFTs just two clicks away, and of course get yourself some credits for being recognized in space?" worry not! Quartile, in itself, is an embedded solution to those new emerging artists who are finding their way into web3 space and calibrating a revenue stream out of the NFT marketplaces.

Being built on top of Rarible Protocol, it allows users to lazy mint NFTs on multiple marketplaces, with cross-chain support for multiple blockchains in near future. With NFT payment solutions as innovative as buying them through Twitter DMs is fascinating to customers as they don't need laptops anymore. "You can go for a walk in the evening scrolling through tweets wondering which cool one to buy and just DM the bot to buy one, it will do everything for you, of course except Private Key."

It also provides artists who lazy mint NFTs through our project, an option to get tweeted by the account to gain customer attraction. It allows users to leverage the concept of Proof of Existence on the grounds of and powered by IPFS.

Does "Insufficient Funds..." ever bother you from buying NFTs? worry not. Circle powered Payment solutions ranging from transferring assets across wallets to funding wallets with Business Accounts for on-chain transactions open up a whole new horizon to how we interact with payment gateways. It allows users full control over handling their assets meanwhile providing a wide range of accessibility to transfer them into on-chain assets for buying and selling NFTs.

How we built it

Using the process of lazy minting through messaging with image links, users can decide what additions/details would they like to add to this NFT.

Options available:

  • Custom Royalty splits
  • Lazy Minting NFTs with Trade offer
  • Minting with Attributes/Data

Adding upon this, using the tech stack of Rarepress and Nebulus backed by Rarible Protocol SDK, it allows my project to leverage web3 powered NFT storage facility as well as writing scripts to customize NFT according to user' needs. At the moment, the project only supports buying NFTs worth static prices, but in near future, I am looking forward to expanding it to a live auction on Twitter. Using Python to engage users with the bot and using Javascript to rely on the process of minting is what provides a sense of decentralized workload across programming languages and keeps it modularized while executing. Additional features include using to provide a personal space for users to keep their precious memories safe on a decentralized network. Currently, it only supports Ethereum blockchain but with dev support from the Chia-lisp community, this can be made available on the Chia network too.

Challenges we ran into

  • Joining bot framework with minting and trading scripts of Rarible Protocol SDK.
  • Surfacing the bot framework to be eligible to safely and precisely create the NFT according to the user's customized options.
  • Adding the web app to automatically create the message and prompt users directly to sanction and purchase the NFT.
  • Adding support to basically mint any image file publicly accessible over the internet.
  • How to fetch attributes from users in a minimal way to help them customize their NFT.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Able to successfully read data from human-readable chat to data modeling for minting NFT.
  • Able to create a buy order through chats for static-price indexed NFTs.
  • Able to render and process payments checkout limited to two clicks, by automating all the hashes and order permission encoded within backend scripts for a seamless UX.
  • Able to provide full-scale flexibility for royalty splits.
  • Able to successfully integrate Circle-powered Payment solutions from transferring assets across wallets to funding wallets with Business Accounts for on-chain transactions.

What we learned

  • Building an MVP
  • Interaction between different tech stacks
  • Lazy Minting an NFT
  • Custom Royalties providing users governance rights through RARI tokens
  • Understanding concepts of Typescript in a web app

What's next for Quartile

  • Advanced version where we can host live auction on Twitter for a limited time to race for buying yet expensive and valuable NFTs recognized by their renowned artists.
  • Adding Cross Chain Support to blockchains including Binance, Polkadot, Flow, Polygon, and Tezos.
  • NFTs mintable only by specific address in case of ownership.
  • To provide support end for various multi-sig wallets in order to broaden the range of usability on the customer end.
  • Create custom-curated airdrops where people having their wallet address in the description will receive tokens, with voluntary participation in events through retweets and other engagements.
  • To provide support end for various Circle wallets solutions in order to broaden the range of payment accessibility on the customer end.

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