When looking into problems facing the black community, mass incarceration was one that really drew my attention. Looking further, I found that one of the greatest issues was that people are worse off after leaving prison than when they got in. This led to any conviction being a lifelong ball and chain, and I sought to fix that.

What it does

It's a portal that allows incarcerated people to take classes made by professionals, participate in job trainings made by companies, apply for work, and look for housing while imprisioned

How I built it

I tried my best to keep the tech stack as basic as possible, most javascript is inessential and a lot of functionality lies in the server to make it so that computers with limited access to the internet can still use the website with minimal issue. The server is run using flask, and the rest is pure html and javascript . Databases are handled using mongodb

Challenges I ran into

Keeping things simple and trying to use as few javascript libraries as possible was a unique challenge for me that I took as a major learning experience. The other big challenge was front-end, it really is not my specialty and I think it shows.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was my first time deploying a webapp, and it was a great learning experience. Writing both the class creator and class window using nothing but plain html and javascript was one of the greatest tasks I've ever undertaken, but I think it turned out alright.

What I learned

Definitely brushed up on my javascript and this was my first time using a digitalocean droplet to do anything. I'm not a big linux guy, so that was pretty fun to learn

What's next for Quarterway


If you want to experience the full website I have to manually assign admin privileges to you, so get in touch with me over discord or devpost or message "holanow" within the website.

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posted an update

Take Class Feature Update

Due to issues with the session cookie dropping, logging in is being extremely finicky. This is a deployment issue entirely, but to make sure that both other devpost users and the judges can experience the entire site I have removed login requirements from the take class option

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