One of our team members, Hannah, is double majoring in flute performance and computer science. She also enjoys videography (the video's we used, she took!). She wanted to create an app that manipulated videos. So after her initial idea and many pivots, we have successfully ended with Quark.

What it does

Quark is a multi-player apple TV app. Each player is able a distort the different video with different swiping motions and movements. Additionally by scanning QR codes, players can bring different instruments to life. When these instruments come together, a song is formed.

How I built it

We built this app entirely using Swift.

Challenges I ran into

Apple TV can only connect to two devices at a time, only one of the members had ever done iOS development before this weekend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was 3 out of 4 members first time programming iOS and using swift.

What I learned


What's next for Quark

Finding a way to have more than 2 devices at a time. erggg apple tv

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