Quarantine, self-isolation and social distancing, due to COVID'19, have taken a negative toll on the mental and physical health of people around the globe. Everyone has been trying to overcome the stress, by either watching motivational and inspiring videos on YouTube or by reading meaningful articles on the internet. Although there are hundreds of videos and articles on the internet regarding Mental Health, Pornography, Yoga etc, but people often tend to find it extremely difficult to find the right video or the right article for themselves. In addition, many people are facing serious mental health issues and are too shy to share their condition with others. They tend to be afraid that people will make fun of their condition or not understand them. Many people just want to talk to mere strangers and discuss their lie stories and Covid'19 affected life.

What it does

Keeping in mind all the above mentioned things, we though of providing a platform for everyone around to globe to get their hands on the most popular and most relevant resources on serious topics like Mental Health, Pornography, Yoga etc. QuaRelief (Quarantine Relief) brings together quality YouTube videos, articles for the people so that they don't have to go through the hassle of surfing the internet to identify a good article, on spend hours on YouTube to find a video specifically related to Overcoming Pornography. In addition to this, QuaRelief also provides a completely Anonymous Chat System for each of the category available. People can talk to complete strangers and can open up about their feelings, without having the fear of being judged or being mocked.

How I built it

QuaRelief was built using Flutter and Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

We found it hard to gather the best of the resources available on the internet. We spent hours to not only find relevant, but also authentic resources for the app. We also found it difficult to make an android app using Flutter, because we were working with it for the first time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we were able to make a good working demo of the app, given that we were using Flutter for the first time. We are also extremely proud of our research work that led to us extracting some high quality content for the app.

What I learned

We learnt Flutter from scratch and Research Skills.

What's next for QuaRelief

We will be working on making the UI more interactive. We will also be working towards adding new features to the app e.g. pictures & video upload in the chat, ability to up or down vote a video or an article, and we will also be working towards making this app available on IOS too.

APK Releases

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