Many countries around the world were locked down due to Covid 19 in 2020, and the pandemic is still not contained till today. Thousands of people are quarantined at home, and this challenging situation inspired us to create a product to help the quarantined group get the help they need in time, with the hope of decreasing infection and save lives.

What it does

People can register in QH as either volunteer or quarantined. The quarantined users could create requests for delivery help or another type of service, which will be displayed on the map where they registered the address. The volunteer group is able to see all the open requests on the map, possible to search and filter requests by several parameters which are 1. request categories 2. distances. Volunteers could accept the request he or she interested in and start acting before the indicated deadline.

How we built it

First, we built the backend API in python to store and distribute users and requests data. Followed by the design and creation of a hybrid application in the Ionic framework, continuously deployed to Netlify. Later on, it was launched in google play for beta testing.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

1.Majority of MVP features were implemented properly 2.Got positive feedback from users who tested the app

What we learned

  1. Focusing on core features with good planning is critical for the success
  2. It is rather beneficial to elaborate real users feedback into development iterations

What's next for QuarantineHelp - A map-based community help application

  1. Implement the "notifying volunteers on new request in the same city" in frontend
  2. Launch the app officially and get more people to benefit from it

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