• The project was inspired by the pandemic, and actually a personal story from one of our team members, where a family friend was unsure of his next course of action regarding his symptoms, and anxiety regarding what to do. We realized that many people may have undue stress, and from this, the project sprung forth.

What it does

  • Our application Offers an integrated method of symptom assessment, collecting vitals in an accessible manner, contacting medical professionals if needed and making an informed decision on whether patient should visit hospitals, and which hospitals to visit, based on the severity of symptoms and ability to travel. It provides facets of entertainment and mindful guidance, inside a local login verification system.

  • Functionality 1: User login, with email OTP verification. Can also change password if forgotten by providing email and username, which will provide another OTP verification. Finally, a login screen is displayed, where stored users are able to login to the application.

  • Functionality 2: Settings page that allows the user to change their personal settings (username, password, email, address, first/last name) and logout of their account.

  • Functionality 3: A matching game for the user.

  • Functionality 4: A guided breathing exercise video that can be play/paused.

  • Functionality 5: Symptom Assessment, and determination of COVID presence. If app reccomends doctor visit, user can enter their address and preferred travel distance/mobility, and the app will compile list of hospitals to visit within travel distance, in order. They can also be accessed through google maps.

If app doesn't recommend going to doctor, it will provide email option that user can send to doctor's email.

How I built it

  • We built it using Javafx GUI and javax mail library. TomTom API and mapquest were used for retrieving hospital locations. (Java on IntelliJ)
  • Image/Videos = Canva, Audacity, Shortcut

Challenges I ran into

  • One issue was having several files deprecated on certain machines. We resolved this issue by coding the files separately and then integrating them on one machine at the end.

We also had difficulty finding an API capable of handling specific category search. To resolve this, we used online forums/resources such as StackOverflow to find a working API for our needs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We are able to integrate Google Maps into the project and the ability to easily store and access user data, from the local machine, in addition to the integration with several other GUIs, which are able to popup when needed to perform commands

What I learned

  • Through this project, we were able to learn the causes for anxiety and the steps that can be taken to diminish this effect on the population. I also learned more about how to use different libraries and APIs, such as javax.mail and Jackson, in parsing JSON files.

What's next for Quarantine: Support Application

  • In the future, we hope to include a community interaction platform. Specifically, we would have developed fitness extensions to promote physical activity, and made a scoring system, where more healthy activities would increase user’s rankings on global or family leaderboards (ie exercising for 10 days in a row would reward the user) We would also add more information, integrating it with updates from reputable sources such as the CDC.

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