This idea was inspired by the growing loneliness people have been facing in the midst of this jarring pandemic. It aims to solve this feeling by giving people a Quarantine Companion to raise as their own interactive digital friend. Like a Tomagachi, but way cooler.

What it does

An AR companion that lives in your phone and you, as the owner, care for it and watch it grow. As the owner, your duties include feeding it, clothing it, and even participating in its social life, where it interacts with other owners' pets on a server. Your activities, in turn, assist the pet in its growth. Through exercise and learning, the pet encourages productivity and rewards its owner with credits which can be used to purchase food and stylish clothes to further grow the pet.

How we built it

Using echoAR and Unity together to create a cohesive and immersive AR Experience that really feels like the little guy is actually there. We had to use Unitiy's ARFoundation and ARCore for android SDKs for the augmented reality camera, and implementing the models through echoAR was as piece of cake.

Challenges I ran into

It wasn't actually a piece of cake because I am an idiot and added a space after our API key and it caused me 2 hours of troubleshooting.

Front-End wise, a bunch of issues arose when implementing the Flutter code into the EchoAR and connecting them, which really took a toll on us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning (almost) an entire library of AR functions that will help me in future projects, as well as more feasible integrations of the AR functions into business plans and products that can be actually used and marketed.

What I learned

AR Development and Unity Development

What's next for Quarantine Companion

Full appstore release and hundreds of unwanted in-app purchases.

Built With

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