Our goal for Quarantime is: To create a user-friendly, engaging game that people can play during this time of quarantine. To educate people about the CoronaVirus. To give a little bit of encouragement towards mental and physical health during quarantine through daily tips. To remind people about simple conservation and sustainability tactics you can perform at home. Knowledge is empowering, especially during a time like now. It is our job to inform the public so that we can fight COVID-19 together while also saving the planet!

What it does

Quarantime is a survival game aimed to educate people about sustainability tactics people can perform while in quarantine for the CoronaVirus.

It takes place a year from now, 2021, in an apocalyptic setting. The user plays as Mark, a 22-year old student at UCLA. He dearly misses kissing his homies goodnight. While in quarantine, Mark has to take care of himself by watching his hunger, sanitation, water supply, electricity, and boredom... y’know, like any other college student. You can explore Mark’s apartment and perform various activities. Mark is at constant risk for contracting COVID-19. If Mark has any chance of survival, he has to find a balance! Make sure he’s clean before he does anything risky!

Now, what makes Quarantime different? At the start of every day, a self-care tip will pop up in the text box. Additionally, if Mark turns on the TV or goes on the computer, there is a chance breaking news appears or an ad pops up ugh annoying. But if this happens there is a chance for Mark to learn something! Be prepared to answer any question that comes his way!

How we built it

Quarantime was built using Swift on Xcode.

Challenges we ran into

We were all new to Swift so we had to spend time learning the language. Only one of us had a Mac so it was difficult to develop separately and so we developed through Zoom using screenshare. Additionally Xcode was being incredibly unresponsive which made even menial tasks take a very long time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create our very own first app.

What we learned

We were able to create our very own first app, using Swift on Xcode. Because we were new to Swift, we had to learn how to implement view controllers, images as buttons, and changing labels.

What's next for QUARANTIME

Although our progress throughout the hackathon in Quarantime has been a good first step, there are still a lot of features that we planned to be added to the game that we thought of as future directions. These include incorporating real time to come into factor throughout the game play, having customizable character names, allowing the character’s appearance to change as the statuses drop and rise, and allowing real news updates on the Coronavirus to show up as part of the watch television feature.

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