Help flatten the curve! Daily active COVID cases in California have surpassed 3 million with over 40 thousand deaths. We all should avoid less contact and stay at home more.

What it does

The app combines rewards with quarantine, helping people associate staying at home an enjoyable pastime and encouraging less physical interaction in these urgent times.

How we built it

We used React Native and it's our first time building a mobile app, we used Expo API, Firebase Auth and Firestore for user authentication and storage, React Hooks, Figma, and more.

Challenges we ran into

  • Figuring out React Native and Expo CLI
  • Dealing with many unknown errors in console

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning prototyping with Figma (importance of prototype)
  • Developing a working product with cool features

What we learned

Cool ideas can turn into reality if we have the passion for it!

What's next for Quarantime

We plan to incorporate an activities page for users to promote physical and mental health while at home, earning coins and kitties for this. We also aim to partner up with companies like to create a niche environment for users who are quarantining with their best buddies. Search for vendors to partner with to expand the pool of rewards users can redeem.

PS: Kitty photos are from

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