Since the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we are aware of the term quarantine and its significance in preventing a further outbreak in communities and individuals. It is necessary to track the individual locations for the ones who have been in contact with an infected person- directly or indirectly, for a variety of reasons including contact tracing, prevention of exposure to the virus.

What it does

The global pandemic needs scalable and distributed monitoring. This calls for a need of apps that can monitor individual activity with precise location and deliver timely updates to the connected services which notifies whenever an isolation or quarantine rule has been violated.

How I built it

Platforms I built this application with Google Cloud Platform, it is essentially a Xamarin.Forms cross-platform mobile application that supports Android, iOS, and Android Wear.

Languages and Frameworks The app is built with Xamarin.Android and is written in C#.

Cloud Services Google Geolocation APIs power the app's location-awareness features and provide an identity platform to authenticate every user associated with the app.

Mobile Backend The backend runs on ASP.NET Core, which attaches the webhook to the communication provider.

Communication Provider The app uses Twilio programmable SMS to send texts on appropriate HTTP triggers.

Hosting To keep the testing process hassle-free and lightweight, the app is hosted on secure tunnels using ngrok.

Challenges I ran into

Build process for multiple web services.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My first Android WearOS project

What I learned

Connecting services and cross-platform integration to support for a wide range of functionalities, hosting, debugging, and much more!

What's next for Quarantime

Scalability can be achieved starting from the current version of the app itself, to provide real-time COVID-19 updates, connect users with essential services that provide doorstep deliveries, to ensure social distancing, and a lot more!

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