INSPIRATION We are facing a global health crisis unlike any in the 75-year history of the United Nations — one that is killing people, spreading human suffering, and upending people’s lives. But this is much more than a health crisis. It is a human, economic and social crisis. After extensive research work, we have come across various problems that are being faced by every section of the society.

-People without access to running water, refugees, migrants, or displaced persons also stand to suffer disproportionately both from the pandemic and its aftermath – whether due to limited movement, fewer employment opportunities, etc.

-Older persons are not just struggling with greater health risks but are also likely to be less capable of supporting themselves in isolation, thus they become very easy targets of mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

  • Cancellation or postponement of large-scale sports and tournaments, closure of the hotels, restaurants and religious places, closure of places for entertainment such as movie and play theatres, sports clubs, gymnasiums, swimming pools etc has had a massive effect, whether it be in terms of employment or lack of resources for entertainment.

  • Postponement of examinations has left students in a state of uncertainity, and they’re falling into the cycle of overthinking and hampering their mental health.

-Even doctors, who are already struggling and risking their lives to help the world heal, are facing so many issues. Lack of proper equipment like PPE has forced them to resort to measures like using raincoats and helmets as a safety precaution.

QuarantTeam has come up with a solution to provide a common platform where all these problems can be addressed, heard and solved efficiently!

What it does

1) A platform to appreciate the frontline warriors who solve the problems of millions, who have risked their lives for us without any second thought. They need our much needed appreciation and applause. 2) Encourages community building by updating about the details of the virtual events that are being held, so that there can be collaborations between NGO's and various organisations while staying at their own place of comfort. 3) A section where we have books that can be read online and also a movie recommendation system. And the fun part is, we have super cool games, both one player and two player, to kill boredom while quarantined at home. 4)For anyone who needs to vent out their pent up feelings, we have the blog section where you can write and read other blogs as well 5) A platform where anyone who needs help or has a particular need to be catered, can submit his/her requirement and those who can volunteer to help can contact them to fulfill their needs!

Unique Features

  • Honoring and appreciating the efforts of all the people on the front-line providing us all the services and help in this pandemic.
  • One player and multiplayer games which are self made using unity can be played on our website.
  • We provide real time COVID stats which helps a person recognize the red , orange and green zones in the location
  • Movie recommendation system which displays movies based on ones choices and preferences.

How we built it

FRONTEND : HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, JavaScript,JQuery BACKEND : Firebase OTHER SOFTWARES : Unity EDITORS : Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text , Visual Studio

Challenges we ran into

  • We were initially focusing on building on AR games but they can’t be used on website and hence, we made 3D games using Unity.

  • In READMORE function used in blog section , our page was loading before the JavaScript was executed. We tackled it by using Local Storage.

  • We were also having problem with Read Now ! Button in books recommendation but we were finally able to solve the problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to web-host unity games which was quite a task!
  • We were able to complete a fully working website in 27 hours.
  • Being newbies the pressure was real but the experience of building was amazing.

What we learned

  • Team Spirit
  • Time Management
  • Team Work
  • Working on real world problems
  • Competitiveness
  • Being Optimistic
  • Achieving a lot of Confidence

What's next for QuaranTeam

No project can be perfect there is always scope of improvement with time ;)

--> We could also add a personal chat feature for people to communicate better. --> Last but not the least, during this time mental health is something we need to emphasize on and we would want to dedicate a whole section of this website to mental health where people can check their mental health score through a questionnaire and if it we are not satisfied with the result we could recommend them a psychologist or a counsellor for the same.

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