My inspiration for this app is the Covid-19 cases here in Singapore and back in my homecountry, India. Many migrant workers have symptoms related to Covid-19 such as cough and fever, but they did not want to get them checked out as the medical opinion is very expensive and I am sure that these workers would rather provide their family with food instead. I think that this resistance was one of the reasons that Covid-19 has been spreading so much within the migrant workers and I believe that through this app the spreading of Covid-19 could be reduced as people can get free medical opinion on their symptoms.

What it does

What the app does is connect patients and doctors so that they can chat with one another. The focus audience for this app is patients from low-income families who can not afford to pay for medical care and doctors who would like to volunteer to help patients without getting any income. The user can log in and access chats with different doctors/patients.

How I built it

I used xcode to build the app, most of the app is to do with the user inference as well as some code to save the login details and run the app as it should. I used a lot of help from outside sources such as youtube to guide me along the way.

Challenges I ran into

There were a number of frustrating challenges that I faced when the code was not working as it was supposed to, the login and sign up code was especially challenging, especially since this is my first time participating in a hackathon as well as making a mobile app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud of myself in finishing this app especially in the time constricts of the hackathon. I put in a lot of hard work and sweat and am pretty glad of how the app came out to me. I do think with more time I could have done a little better with the user interface such as how to add profile pictures or perhaps users can choose to share their information or not and adding more features.

What I learned

I think the most important skill I have learned from this hackathon is time managment and perserverance. There are many times late at night when things were not working out and I simply wanted to give up on that app, but I decided to fight through and I am pleased with the solution that came out as I genuinely believe that it could help and connect people all around the world.

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