The Coronavirus Pandemic As graduating middle schoolers and going into high school, we had to turn to technology to connect, and with a rise of social media apps, making online friends has become the new norm. We can tell from experience. Our team created this website to help boost communication and social interaction, which is especially necessary for people of any age.

What it does

The Main Goal This website is an online pen-pal program designed as a combative approach to loneliness during the pandemic by connecting alike minds. Users will have to take a short personality survey, and our website creates penpal matches based on a variety of personality traits, such as age range, interests, and sociability.

How we built it

Building the Website Our team used the platform and a variety of Javascript, CSS, and HTML files to built our program!

Challenges we ran into

Some Problems We Faced Some of the problems that we faced were that the score wasn't matching up with the proper pen pal. The score input for urlParams was a string datatype, so the user input could not be properly appended to the score value. We were able to fix this problem through debugging our program and changing the integer to a number. We also encountered some minor challenges along the way; it was a long and frustrating process, but it taught us a lot about debugging strategies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Things We're Proud Of As high school freshmen and relatively new faces in the hacking world, we were very proud of the website design as well as writing a fairly long piece of code in a short amount of time.

What we learned

Our Learning Experience Through these problems, we were able to learn some new aspects of coding, especially in Javascript. We also learned more about UI and UX as well as solving more complex problems.

What's next for Quaran-Pals

Future Goals! Some of our future goals are turning the website into an app, adding more language features as well as more questions. We would also like to create an in-app direct message service so it will be easier for users to connect with one another.

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Basic Homepage Code as of now:

The pandemic has been really hard on everyone -- we know! Use Quaran-Pals as a fun way meet new people like you from all over the world!

Click here to find a Quaran-pal!

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