The inspiration behind this idea is the fact that there are people taking matters in their own hands and going out of their way to help the less fortunate in the society. Jack Ma for instance has gone all the way to donate supplies to the most vulnerable African countries. People are generaly caring in nature but lack the means through which to share no matter how little it is . I strongly beleive that by targeting the root cause of movement is going to stop further spread of the virus the virus has no legs People move it . By providing the most basic human needs necessary for survival during the quarantine period for a period of 2 weeks is going to stop the spread .

What it does

The idea is simple it provides a means of donating and sharing .

How I built it

This project is still a concept but it has the power to turn things around if we give it the power to do so.

Challenges I ran into

Im good at front end programing but the project requires back end programing to succeed

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Im proud of the fact that i have the chance to spark change and inspire others to do so Too.

What I learned

individualy we cant beat this virus but together we can accomplish so much more than just stop the virus.

What's next for Quar

The future could be more than just defeat the virus. But that is dependent on if we give quar life.

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