Let me tell you about myself first, I am Paul a Quantum and Blockchain Enthusiast located in the southeast Asian nation living in a small archipelago called the Philippines. I am the founder of QuantumStarter idea a Quantum Technology Kickstarter platform. My dream is to help leap mankind in an advanced innovation process. Yes with Quantum Technology innovation we can strive for the better of humanity’s next era. I always love science and have a mystic heart but I never forget that our humanity needs heroes now. In the time of pandemic and writing this there is no cure for it and I am hoping that a startup from my idea will be born from it. A hero we all been waiting for is in the hands of humanity itself. We can unlock the mind of the genius unleash the mind of the next Newton with the greatest thinkers who always think beyond imagination we can overcome this pandemic and the next pandemic to come in the next 30–100 years from now.

I started an idea about Quantum Technology so I introducing a new approach tackling a pandemic with quantum pioneering in our country. It was just an idea for now that is why I am looking for Quantum Enthusiast as Co-Founder.

/Vision of the Future

Basically, a Kickstarter project to deliver and introduce new Quantum based technology products among the consumers and clients of Quantum Technology targeting quantum corporation in the coming year of 2025.

As a futurist, I believe that the year 2025 is the golden age of Quantum Technology. The idea of QuantumStarter is that we should prepare now to build the future of a Q2025.

/To innovation and Beyond

Einstein once said imagination is more powerful than logic. Tesla on the other hand always wants us to be free so he invented free energy technology for everyone. The corrupts cannot hold us forever right we should be free and push innovation rather than stifle it.

/Quantum Computing Battle for COVID-19

I am always pushing this quantized idea so that my country will support our young aspiring scientist invent something that can solve the pandemic and thus it is one of the ideas that pushes me to build the plan.

Reference: https://www.change.org/qc_covid19

/Quantum Golden Age

I myself want to do something with Quantum Technology too that is to discover the theory of us all within this adventure. I am hoping that we can all work together as one humanity again to achieve our goal in the future of Quantum Startups. I can safely say that by the year 2025 it will be the dawn and era of a new world a Quantum Golden Age. A Dream to Change the World

Quantum Realities always pique my interest

What is reality and what is an illusion? Why not try to find it out

Are we living in both at the same time?

Can we really recode ourselves with Quantum Technology?

Technically speaking our code is programmable indeed.

/Living in the Quanta

I wish we can all be successful in our own life for the greater good of humanity we can make it to the Quantum World.

/The idea of Quantum

I always wonder what if we humans can live more then the secret of it must have been embedded inside the quantum technology, I would gladly give everything to uncover such secret but who knows right. I am also into what we call the immortality of the soul to a mechanical shell or clone. Consciousness uploading is really fascinating. Life is so precious, to a man who can live only in a few years and recycled again this will be a challenge.

/Power of Quantum Computing

We can find the solution to a pandemic faster than any traditional computer if we can somehow unlock the full potential of Quantum Technology. Protein folding is all we can do for now that leads to drug discovery and vaccine remedy. I think that with Quantum Computing we can speed that up to 100x decibels faster. QuantumStarter

A Kickstarter for Quantum Technology Startups

I am really amazed when I saw someone DIY a Quantum Computer so I asked myself I really want that cool piece of the machine too. Why not support them by creating an idea to kickstart their great ideas right. I just want to focus on the coming future of mankind that is of course Quantum, Neural, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. Should we go non-profit or not? I say we should trek the balance road.


To make this more unique I had a plan to put it in the blockchain in the future with its own cryptocurrency as a way of the economic processor inside the platform.


I am planning to crowdsource the idea as much as possible to speed up the process of its foundation in the future.

That’s it for now as of today I will be continuing this idea and write more about it in the future when the time comes.

Join us!

As for now, I am looking for enthusiasts alike located in the Philippines to join me in this endeavor. Must be a Quantum Enthusiast and had a keen interest in Quantum Technology.

If you are interested you can reach me at contact@quantumstarter.com

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Telegram: https://t.me/quantumstarter

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