Personally, in my time doing computer science research I have felt excluded out of a community I am very interested in. I wanted to create something that welcomes underrepresented girls like me into a new and growing field.

What it does

So you have a black block that represents a qubit. You as the user move it through obstacles that represent Hadamard gates. At any point, you can measure the state of your qubit, but when you do, the entire game will stop (whcih represents the qubit collapsing to its computational basis step because in real life when you measure a qubit, you are destroying information in that system and destroying that system). Then press ok and keep going. These H gates make it so when you measure your qubit, it will have an equal probability of being 1 or 0 when you measure it.

How I built it

Using html, javascript, and when I ran into errors and needed to learn something, I attended some workshops, looked on stack overflow and w3schools.

Challenges I ran into

I've never made a game before ever in my life. I wanted the black box to be a spinning gif coin which is a more accurate abstraction of a qubit

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How you can measure the bit!

What I learned

What's next for QuantumQueen

Develop more games that build up to engineerHER which teaches girls how to write in quiskit and jupyter notebook and access IBM quantum computers.

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