G1 Quantum is toward the top of the stack regarding bids to build the border wall and the next step is implementing a series of authentication measures using blockchain to not only validate the energy produced from the wall, but create a smart contract for each kWh produced where the energy can then be sold to wholesalers an end users for consumption.

What it does

Implementing hardware such as Intel's SGX Chip technology paired with Hyperledger's Sawtooth blockchain solutions allows G1 Quantum to meet its strategic goal and objective of smart contracting energy production.

How I built it

The team leveraged Hyperledger, Viewfin, Powerledger, Azure, and Bluemix api's and documentation to solve this problem. This solution has implications on smart city development and insurance related cellular based payment options using blockchain.

Challenges I ran into

Time constraints

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we defined the problem, and then implemented a viable solution to meet our strategic goals and objectives.

What I learned

The team learned how to leverage Hyperledger, Viewfin, Powerledger, Azure, Intel and Bluemix technologies to resolve technical issues involving energy production trust and authentication.

What's next for Quantum

The next step is to better develop this solution so that it may be implemented in real time in the United States, and possibly go to Shanghi to showcase this solution as it may pertain to Wanxiang smart city development and the great wall of China.

Built With

  • azure
  • bluemix
  • hyperledger-sawtooth
  • intel
  • layingconcrete
  • steel
  • viewfin
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