Ever notice that there are some people who you give a lot of attention to, and a lot of people who you are just prone to ignore? Have you ever felt neglected because of someone's inattention, or wished that someone else would hold you more frequently in their mind? In the spirit of inclusivity and diversity, our application, the Quantum Friendship Network, will supercharge your relationships!

What it does

Our application automatically counts the number of messages you have sent and received for every person you messaged on messenger. Then, based on the total number of messages sent, and more importantly, the ratio of messages sent and received, we generate a model of the friendship network. If the messages you sent are disproportionate to the messages received, it indicates an unbalanced relationship. If you sent more, it may mean the other can find you annoying, if you send less, you may be neglecting and hurting others. Then, after adding several constraints and going through the computations, we suggest who to focus more attention on and who to focus a little less.

How we built it

It takes in JSON files you can readily download from facebook. We apply some common sense filters (for example, we remove the people who you only sent a few messages to) and we calculate the strength of the relationship through the sum total and difference of the messages. Then, using the strengths as our parameter, we push our model through the DWAVE 2000Q quantum computer, which spits out who you should become better friends with.

Finally, we take those suggestions and give our users concrete steps (who to message more, who to message less) to improve their friendships!

Challenges we ran into

Finding good filters to put and implementing a strong model. Figuring out how to reframe our problem in a Binary Quadratic Model to utilize the DWAVE computer, which is much more efficient in solving this kind of network problem. Time restraints, we couldn't brush up our output in a nice, easily readable way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

Quantum Computing, Getting a lotta data from messenger

What's next for quantum friendship network

Clean it up, make it pretty

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