There is an ecosystem of code badges for open source projects (passing/failing CI, code coverage, license etc). It would be nice to have a quantstamp pass/fail badge for solidity projects as another measure of code quality.

What it does

Add a badge to your in your repo. Badge can be one of 3 (fund me, passing, failing) and links to a page where you can donate QSP for audits, view current status of each .sol file in repo and trigger new audits.

How I built it

Frontend is React + web3 Backend is Node.js and Firebase DB

Challenges I ran into

Infura websocket flakiness (returning 404s on connect). Lots of async JS programming (thx async/await for making it bearable). The web3 version included in truffle box needed updating to work with infura websockets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was struggling to find a project that piqued my interest until this idea popped into my head late Saturday so I'm proud of what I was able to accomplish by slogging it out all night.

What I learned

This is just the 2nd web3 project I've worked on so I'm still finding my way around web3 library and this was the first time I've used infura to listen for events.

What's next for QuantstampBadge

Haven't wired up the infura events to trigger DB writes. Keeping track of git sha hash of each file to see if audit is up to date. Much prettier UI.

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