Auditing is an important part of writing smart contracts and developing applications, but previously it was difficult and/or expensive to do. Quantstamp makes this process more accessible, and I was inspired to help make an audit report that was powerful, easy to use, and simple to understand to make it even easier for the user to interpret their auditing results on Quantstamp.

What it does

It shows summary and detail views of the audit report results.

How I built it

Using HTML, JS, jQuery, and DataTables

Challenges I ran into

formatting issues, and deciding how to best layout the presentation, and how to best accommodate for growing numbers of audit tests, while still maintaining coherency.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The page is simple and easy to understand, and can support many more audit results!

What I learned

Within auditing software there are subtle differences, and summarizing these results in an easy to understand way is important if we want the end user to do due diligence on their software security.

What's next for quantstamp-audit

More design and cleaner groupings of similar details.

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