There are many things that COVID-19 has caused us. From being stuck in your home all day to having anxiety about catching the coronavirus, there is a problem that is also very noticeable and has a huge impact. Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been panic buying and hoarding supplies and sometimes selling the supplies for a ridiculously high price. This is a serious problem as it prevents people that actually need an item from getting the item that they need. I myself have been affected by this as I am unable to find basic necessities on store shelves since this situation. It is disappointing to see how some basic necessities are no longer available for sale, and some people are selling them for profit, which harms others.

What it does

  • Quantize Aims to solve 3 things:
    • Prevent panic buying and hoarding of items
    • Prevent price gouging of items
    • Make it easy to find necessities in a time of supply shortage

In order to combat panic buying, Quantize is a platform that can web scrape data from stores for items that are still in stock, which can help users find items in a time of shortage. It can also allow users to conveniently buy and sell items such as on eBay. For sellers, however, they are only allowed to price an item reasonably, and the app will limit their pricing. However, an ID card is required to use the service, and a user can only buy 2 items from each category with 1 ID (can be configurable by seller/store). It also makes it convenient for the user to find items that are still in stock in stores, so they can go and buy the item.

How I built it

I used UiPath StudioX to web scrape the items from the store to display in the app. The app will then show whether the item is still in stock in which the user can go purchase the item from the store. React Native was used to build the actual app and Node.js was used on the backend

Challenges I ran into

Lack of experience with tools such as UiPath, React Native, NodeJS, combined with the time limit of 24 hours, and then combined with the fact that I'm working myself didn't help me very much. However, I have managed to create this app which could potentially be expanded upon with a MongoDB database in the future for storing items and user data. I have learned a lot from creating this at this hackathon, such as time management and various skills in UiPath and React Native, and hope to learn more in the future.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud of accomplishing what I did with React Native in 24 hours, especially while working alone

What I learned

I have learned how to use UiPath Studio for web scraping, and also React Native development and UI design.

What's next for Quantize

MongoDB database integration

Discord Name

AbstractUltra#5909 Entry

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