I am thinking of a service using air quality meters and notifying users when air quality reaches hazardous levels. This can be deployed in sensitive areas like hospitals, industries or simply at your house. There are existing standards to check what is considered 'hazardous' in different spaces. For notification, I will be create a service based on Plivo for SMS and Calls. For simple alerts, SMS service will be used and for more serious cases, calling service.

What it does

Currently not ready for launch

How I built it

Built on Node.js and Chart.js powered by AWS S3, Plivo and SendGRID MESG services.

Challenges I ran into

Time constraint

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built MESG service for AWS S3 and Plivo

What I learned

How to build an application on express framework

What's next for Quality Life

Build an MVP

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