Qualifile is an educational platform that provides students to learn any course and get skills and specialization. Special thing in this platform is that meaningful educational transactions are stored in decentralized database (Fluence), so your results can't be accidetaly removed or faked. After course is completed, student can release his certificate that contains overall result for the course. It displays average score of all student's tasks and is stored permanently in Arweave, so it also cannot be removed or be fake. We expect that this educational process with confirmed and unforgeable results will create more trust to the results of such education, so usage of the platform is to become a standart of remote education.

Benefits for Fluence / Arweave

  • Both products, Fluence and Arweave are tested as part of commercial application
  • As long as platform is geographically independent (users from all over the world), there will be lots of transactions if Fluence and Arweave network, that means money spent for tokens
  • Usage of decentralized storages will increase trust in education process and will increase popularity of storing technologies - Fluence and Arweave.


  • Both Fluence and Arweave are successfully used to create utility libraries and actually data exchanging process is blackboxed for user and doesn’t differ from any centralized app.


  • Platform been developed provides a new approach to the education process. It is going to be cheaper and more effective for students (students pay only for task checks by alive humans)
  • Usage of decentralized storages increases trust in the education results for employers (together with courses quality)


  • Is a future commercial project. Students are to pay for possibility to have their tasks checked, teachers can receive money for solution reviews.
  • App can be boxed and presented as a franchise. Companies, universities and other can buy and deploy their own educational system in that case.
  • Educational process will be more effective with this approach, so more qualified specialists are to appear on a labor market. Employers will be sure that employee has really received skills confirmed by our system’s certificate (unlink fake, bought diplomas, self-released certificates, etc.)

Technologies used

Arweave, Fluence As web-platform with Vue.js and pure HTML/CSS/JS

Built With

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