Design is inspired mainly by kahoot. Simple white against color design with darker accents for a 3d/raised effect. Main idea inspired by me waking up at 2am wondering if that tremble I felt was my imagination or an actual earthquake that just struck.

What it does

Tells users whether or not an earthquake recent occured in the user's vicinity. If there is one, it lists local fire and police department non-emergency numbers. If there isn't one, give the user some words of encouragement!!!!!!!

How I built it

Using MaxMind GeoIP2's City Database, I fetched the visitor's city's approximate LatLong coordinates. Using the USGS Realtime GeoJSON API, I fetched recent earthquakes with a magnitude of >2.5 and put them in my database. To see whether or not there was an earthquake found in their vicinity, I would query the database for a range of LatLong values that would be in proximity (30mi) to the user. To find the fire department phone numbers, I had to import a CSV file containing every fire department in the

Challenges I ran into

  • CSS is disgusting. You need to make a float, margin, and width cocktail in order to center a div.
  • The fire department database is limited to organizations located in the United States
  • There's no public google search api that's clear and concise
  • The google api's are expensive
  • There is was no public police department database

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • actually somewhat finishing my ui
  • my ability to macgyver css rules in order to do what i want
  • thats all

What I learned

  • Two hours is a lot of sleep
  • There's no public police department database...for not-so-obvious reasons?

What's next for quakeorjustme

  • Actually finish it
  • Add contact page
  • Add Footer
  • Add about page
  • Add more phone numbers (gas, water, electric, poison control)
  • Get a domain name (.tech was being slow)
  • Host it on my gcp instance
  • Clean up and document the code

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