Product: Auto After Action Analysis (QuadA) – aka The Anti-Leadfoot

Product QuadA takes in OVD data to include user breaking, steering, gas pressure and fuel usage use statistics and along with the route taken, derived from the OVD GPS route data, and provides to the end user an After Action Analysis Dashboard and Report on fuel efficiency and route efficiency and provides a safety rating and recommended improvements.
This design is focused on driver safety and does not provide real time user input via simulated voice technology. Instead it allows the user to drive uninterrupted. The application runs on the user’s smart phone with an interface to the cars OVD port. The data is collected silently. Data is collected for the trip as a whole and for trip segments. Whole trips are based on the users ‘home’ destination which is configurable by the user and identified via GPS. Trip segments are determined by engine start to engine cut off. The duration of the cut-off, for determining an end of segment, is configurable by the user. The default engine cut-off duration is one minute.

Route Efficiency Algorithms include: Right turn versus left turn analysis; Excessive breaking and gas pressure analysis; Road conditions; Weather conditions.

Safety Rating Factors include: Excessive breaking and gas pressure, Erratic Steering; Speading etc.

Possible Enhancements:

  1. External Data Mining: If possible external data sources will be mined while en-route such as regional weather characteristics and regional traffic statistics: road closures, construction, traffic volume…etc. This data shall be used in the optimal route determination algorithm and the safety rating algorithm.
  2. Self Learning with User Specification: In the route optimization algorithm. If there is a repeated route that the user takes and continues to take even after QuadA recommends a different optimal route, during the AAA session the user will have the option to override this particular recommendation and specify a reason. In future trips QuadA will no longer calculate that optimal route or use it in the fuel efficiency and safety rating algorithm. Each future report will note the user override.
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