We are inspired by different productivity applications online, however, we wanted to make it more** fun** such that it encourages users to be more focused and organized while working, developing better work ethics and habits. During the of hackathon not only we have learned more about team work and communication, we have also gained many skills such as learning to import and implement APIs, practice the use of subversion control and also the use of Android Studio.

Throughout the hackathon, we have faced different challenges, from the environment and communication. However, we have learned to overcome these challenges by patience, organization and communication - learning that we can only achieve the best out of difficulties is to stay calm and stay as a team.

For our project, we have discussed and came up with different ideas that distract us or encourages us to work better and more focused, and with those points, we have decided to come up with an application that would best suit our ideal focused work environment -

  • A reward system that motivates user to practice better work ethics (A pet system that allows users to collect different rubber ducks, the timer in the application that locks the phone acts as the time for the egg to 'hatch', once the user exits the application to use other non-white-listed application, the egg will 'die' and the user will lose the reward :( [Either the egg cracked or gets fried on a pan]. We understand that some phone applications are helpful in work environment and there exists emergency situations, and therefore using a white-list system) A possible reward besides for collectives is to have different redeemable gift-cards or stationary from different sponsors.
  • A timer that blocks notifications and 'locks' the phone by tracking the current running application. If the current running application is not a white-listed app, the user will lose the reward. The user will also have a stopwatch to count the number of hours they have worked for, and will receive a better reward according to the time.
  • Force break system - As we use a stopwatch system, we want to prevent users who over-worked themselves subconsciously. The break-system will pause the stopwatch for 5 mins every hour.
  • Calendar and to-do list: It helps the user to better visualize their workload and makes the work less overwhelming, encouraging the user to work
  • Friend system - From our discussion, most of us agreed that working with other people increases productive as it allows us to focus better. Thus the timer system will allow users to 'hatch' eggs together and will receive higher rewards, however, any user who exists the application will 'kill' all other user's eggs :))
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