Our inspiration was the fact that we had to wait for hours to get a G1 driver's license and that fact that banks close early. We wanted to save everyone time and make in-person tasks quicker and more efficient for people who may not have time to spare due to children or 9-5 jobs.

What it does

Qu takes in booking requests from clients and tells them which forms to complete beforehand and shows admins at the branch the various clients who have booked an appointment. The app allows the clients to notify the admin of whether they have to cancel, they will be late or if they have arrived for the appointment. The admin can then check-in the client and all their required information will be displayed and they will know which forms the client has filled out ahead of time, hastening the process and shortening the meeting time.

How we built it

The app is web based and used node.js to handle the server and uses CSS and Bootstrap to create a good looking UI

Challenges we ran into

We ran into roadbumps when making the client check-in system work on desktop and mobile

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able set up a local server and communicate between multiple clients to a sever

What's next for Qu

We want to make Qu smarter and improve its algorithm for rearranging appointment times and asking users if they want to shift up their time if there is a delay or cancel made by a client who was expected earlier

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