As current and upcoming college students, we realized the greater need for security as well as efficiency in our buildings with non-residents. Once we saw Anthem's need for an easier solution to their security and visitors issue, we planned qSEC, an app, in this direction.

It gives permanent visitors to have the option of easy access to the building and temporary visitors easy access without interrupting their visitee too much. Basically permanent visitors on their first day would input basic information and from then on recieve a code to enter since their information is saved therefore bypassing temporary visitor security. Temporary visitors would come say that they don't have a code, fill out basic information, and then a live video on their phone would stream to their visitee where they would simply confirm the visit as if answering or declining their phone. After the approval of both types of visitors, an explanation of where the visitee's room was would show up on their phone for easy tracking of the room rather than the person coming to get them. This app would be at the entrance on an ipad for customers or students to use if they didn't have a device, but this is an app so anybody could download and once they got a confirmation, it would guide them to check off with security making everyone's lives more simple than the visitee walking down and guiding the visitor.

We used android studio to write an app by using XML and Java. We also started to add a firebase and java to have sample data to run a real life simulation.

This was all of our first time using android studio so it was more of a learning process. At the end, we created an outline, but were unable to link the database to the app itself.

We successfully built an app.

We learned how to use android studio, java, xml, firebase, and we dabbled in a little of php.

Actual implementation would be the next step for qSEC. With an actually array of data, our app could be better representative of how it's supposed to work.

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