Students are running low on motivation to do schoolwork since lockdown / the pandemic. This site is designed to help students be more motivated to finish classes by providing a better sense of accomplishment and urgency to schoolwork.

What it does

Provides a way for students to keep track and stay on top of their deliverables.

How we built it

Two of us did the backend (database, python driver code [flask]), and the other two did the frontend (figma mockups, html, css, javascript)

Challenges we ran into

Setting up the database, connecting front/backend, figuring out git (merging in particular).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our team collaboration, and ability to put together all this in the short time span. This was 3/4 members first ever hackathon, so the entire thing was such a fun and enjoyable learning experience.

What we learned

Literally everything here was a huge learning experience for all team members.

What's next for QScore - Gamify School!

We really think that we can extend this project further by adding more functionality. We want to add integrations with different university's if possible, maybe make a friends system/social media aspect.

Discord Information

Team 5 Devy#2975 han#0288 Infinite#6201 naters#3774

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