We were inspired by Openscreen’s purpose: to allow users to generate their own customizable QR codes for links. As we were looking for ideas, we realized that creating invitations for events was always tedious, especially for big gatherings such as weddings or formal dinners. QR codes were always very versatile and easy to use as all devices have QR codes and app readers. We understand Openscreen’s mission to use QR codes to their fullest capability. Thus, QRsvp was born to be the solution. With this, we hope to make a tedious task more convenient!

😮 What it does

QRsvp allows event coordinators to create QR codes that can allow invitees to do specific things with a scan like entering a venue, connecting to wifi, or entering exclusive events.

🔨How we built it

Programming (Vue.js): We built our application using the framework Vue.js, the Open screen API, ________. We collaborated through Discord and Visual Studio Code. Using the Live share extension on VSC, allowed us to make real-time edits allowing us to work efficiently as we knew what sections needed to be worked on. Graphic Design (Figma): Before our creation of the home page, we created a Figma design for the app. To aid us with the color scheme, we referred to the website Coolors. Figma helped us envision our design easily and to make changes to the final product without wasting coding. We also created certain graphics for our website on Figma as well.

😰 Challenges we ran into

Some of our group members were new to using this framework. Due to limited time, we had to refer to lots of online documentation and video tutorials as we coded. Learning the different tags/classes or running into familiar errors while running the code was a huge challenge we had to overcome. With the help of our senior members, who helped with explaining what certain code does or how to efficiently implement our components, together we were able to successfully complete the project.

😤 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of creating a functional product and implemented Openscreen’s API for an easier solution to RVSP. We collaborated very well with time constraints, unforeseeable circumstances, and high-pressure situations. Our ability to create a fully functional web application, and connect to databases while making it accessible and responsive.

🧠 What we learned

Some of our members learned how to create a functioning web application using Vue.js. Through this hackathon, we were able to further our understanding of Vue and how to structure components effectively.

💜 What's next for QRsvp

We want to launch the product and find more problems to be solved with the use of QR codes

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