Problem Faced QRTechruit was designed to solve a problem that students and recruiters face at career fairs. Come career fairs and each student takes truck loads of resumes and stands long hours in lines to meet recruiters who already have met hundreds of students and are having a tough time sorting and managing the resumes.

What it Does QRTechruiter is an online job portal which helps recruiters ease up the process of Recruiting using QR code sharing for resumes.

The main key features of it are: What it does for Students: 1)Provide easier way to share resume with employers with just a QR Code 2)provides a platform to participate in interviews and code sharing sessions using candy api 3)Provides company information in a single platform 4)Provide SMS ,Email and call notifications when a employer is interested in him/her

What it does for Employers 1) Provides insightful feedback on the candidates interviews by performing an analysis of the interview and thus providing a score based on the response. 2)Providing personality insights on the candidates profile 3)Providing social network insights on the candidates profile 4)Provides a single platform to conduct interviews and code sharing using Kandy API 5)provides an android app to shortlist students using their QR code to scan their resume

The future enhancements are: 1)Video interview analysis 2)Better Tie-Ups with companies 3)Enhance the interview analysis to technical interviews

Target User Students seeking jobs and Employers who are looking for hiring fresh talent

Kandy Integration: SMS notification Video call Support Code share support

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